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Monday, April 27, 2009

FREE - Internet Filtering Software for Your family

In our effort to help keep kids safer online, Child Quest is proud to partner with Blue Coat® K9 Web Protection.

The Internet is a fascinating place, full of rich and interesting information. But as a gigantic virtual community, it has "good neighborhoods", "questionable neighborhoods", and "downright bad neighborhoods". As a parent (or simply as a concerned citizen of this virtual community), K9 believes you might want a good set of guidelines about where to go in this gigantic place. Think of K9 Web Protection as part "guide dog" and part "watch dog", keeping those in your care away from the wrong parts of town (inappropriate websites).

With K9 Internet filters, you can decide which neighborhoods (websites) are OK to visit, and which ones aren't. That ability makes a big difference when you're trying to provide a safe environment for children. K9 makes it easier to let your children explore and learn on the Internet, while you do what you can to keep them safe. For more information visit:

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