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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Walk To Remember

All alone, she walks on her way home from school just as she has done so many times before. It seems like just another day. She knows the neighborhood, the path to and from school, and even waves to a neighbor or two along the walk, but today’s walk is different. Today, she will be faced with a life changing encounter.

As the young girl continues on her way home, she is approached by a strange man in a vehicle. The man casually pulls up along side her and begins to coax her into his car. He tries to lure her with a gesture of friendship and offers the girl a ride home. He says he lives in the neighborhood and knows her dad. He acts as if he is just being helpful. But something about this unusual encounter just doesn’t feel “right.” As she begins to realize the man may not be who he says he is, she is faced with a life threatening decision. She must be sure to take the appropriate action in order to keep herself safe, and possibly alive.

But how does she know what the right thing to do is? She knows because she has been taught to recognize, avoid, and escape dangerous encounters with the help of Child Quest’s abduction prevention video, Milk Cartons: The Way Back Home. Not only does she know what to do, she knows where to go for help.

That is exactly what she did. Her quick actions not only recognized and foiled the attempted abduction, but her awareness and fast thinking also led to the apprehension of this potential abductor. “She did the right thing,” said Police Sgt. Dixon. She not only kept herself safe but she also helped protect other children from another child predator.

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