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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Safety Education Should Be Mandatory

John Walsh, co-founder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and host of America's Most Wanted, was recently highlighted on the Today Show. John is no stranger to child safety concerns and our nations fight to keep children safer. John helped pass the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act in 2007 which was named after his own abducted and murdered son.

In this interview, John shares his point of view on mandatory child safety education in schools, and we couldn't agree with him more.

We all know we need to talk to children about ways to keep themselves safe and what to do if...? But as a community we need to make sure our children receive this valuable and potentially life saving education in a constructive environment.

Many times parents assume their children are getting child safety education at school. Unfortunately, far too often that is not the case. Sad to say, but schools just don't have the resources or training. That is one of the many reasons missing children agencies like Child Quest International are so important to the community. We have the resources and training to provide children with the skills, awareness, and confidence to avoid or escape dangerous and life threatening situations.

For more information on Child Quest International and our prevention education programs proven to protect children from potential abductors and sexual predators, please visit our website at

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