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Monday, July 19, 2010

Abduction Prevention & Back To School Safety Video


It's that time of year again... Time for kids of all ages to go back to school and learn lots of new, wonderful, and exciting things. At Child Quest, safety is always the first thing on our back to school checklist and should be on yours too. "Milk Cartons: The Way Back Home" is just one of the many educational resources we have avaliable to you to keep your kids safer during the school year... and everyday year round.
Child Quest’s highly acclaimed, multi-award-winning educational video, "Milk Cartons: The Way Back Home", was created to help children understand what they can do to prevent child abduction. Written by a San Jose Police Officer, Frank Swaringen, after interviewing sexual predators and child kidnappers about their luring methods, this video has been credited with preventing several abductions.

"Milk Cartons" is designed to keep children’s interest while teaching them valuable skills. Through an engaging story line, live action, exciting animation and special effects, children learn what they can do to keep themselves safe in a non-frightening manner.

The 28 minute video tells the story of Kevin, a young boy who has a day he'll never forget. A haunting stranger enters his life just before a class discussion on stranger abduction...a discussion he sleeps through. During his dream, the stranger, the school janitor, and the police officer leading the class discussion teach him some valuable lessons on how to stay safe. Animation, special effects, and live action all come together to bring the lessons home.

A guide for educators and parents is included with each video to help open the way for ongoing discussions with children about their safety.

Get a copy for your family today!

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