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Friday, August 20, 2010

Back To School Safety

I know I am special and no one has the right to hurt me or make me feel scared…
Something every child should know!  
  1. I tell my parents about things that happen to me that make me feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared.
  2. I know the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. A good secret is fun to keep, like a surprise party. A bad secret feels bad to keep, and telling my parents about it doesn’t make me a “tattle tale.”
  3. I never put my name on my clothes, jewelry, caps, or belongings where people can see it.
  4. I use the “Buddy System” and avoid walking to and from school or playing outside alone.
  5. I know that a stranger is anyone I don’t know well.  Even people I recognize - like the mailman or ice cream truck driver - are strangers, and that someone can be a stranger even if they look nice or know my name.
  6. When I walk down the street, I always face traffic so that I can see if someone stops the car near me. I never take shortcuts through deserted areas like creeks or vacant lots.
  7. I know to Yell, Run, & Tell if someone I don’t know approaches me or makes me feel uncomfortable and scared in any way. I know that running to a safe place and telling a trusted adult is better than hiding.
  8. I know to stay a safe distance (approximately 3 arm-lengths) away from strangers and stranger’s cars, even if a stranger seems nice. 
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