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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Success Story: Father & Daughter Reunion

This letter was written by a left-behind father after being reunited with his daughter.  Child Quest worked with the family, law enforcement, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in a joint effort to locate this father's 2 year old daughter who had been unlawfully concealed since 1/31/2011.  Out of respect to the family, the names & photos have been removed.

"My beautiful baby is home!

I've had to use the words 'thank you' in a number of emails last night and today for lack of a more apt phrase. Those two words are a wholly inadequate expression to use in any message to those without whom recovery would have been impossible and hope invisible. Instead, I will only express my desire that you and others like you should feel as proud as you deserve to feel. I was given the privilege to personally and literally fly through the air and 'rescue' [my baby], a fact that gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. For that gift any expression of gratitude is a poor excuse for a reward. When [my baby] is old enough to understand, she will learn your names.

There is still some legal work to be done to guard against this nightmare happening again, but now I have more than enough energy and courage to scour every angle.

The attached picture [removed] was taken at the Quality Inn in Texas. These accommodations were provided by a dear friend in that region. That evening it was clear [my baby] remembered me. She communicated this with several dozen hugs and laughter as well as her own brand of silly-face jokes. We played and played until night-night time. It was glorious.

Be well. Never stop.

Sincerely, [Father]"

Keeping Hope Alive - Child Quest International

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