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Friday, July 8, 2011

Success Story: "Child Quest Helped Us More Than Anyone Can Understand"

A concerned and frustrated family was looking for help when their 15 year-old daughter went missing on the morning of Thursday May 26, 2010. She was dropped off at school, but did not attend classes that day. The family filed a missing person’s report with law enforcement, but say they were getting “very little” assistance because their daughter was considered a runaway. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for left-behind families and missing children alike.

After plastering the local area with missing flyers for a week, and several false leads the family received from their daughter’s friends, the frantic family reached out on Facebook saying “We have heard very little in the last 24 hours. Law enforcement assistance is still very limited. She’s been missing for 7 days now and she could be anywhere! Please pass her info on so we can find her!”

After 9 days missing and many Facebook postings, the family was still searching for their daughter primarily on their own. Thankfully, they were referred to Child Quest International (CQI) through our Facebook network of caring and proactive individuals. After verifying the case with law enforcement, CQI quickly created and distributed flyers to our vast network of Facebook friends and via our in-house Critical Reach electronic alert system. We also directed the family to NCMEC and the state’s Missing Children Clearinghouse for additional assistance.

Once CQI was on the case, things started taking a turn for the better. The missing teenage girl was safely reunited with her family within several days of our involvement. While she may have willingly run away, CQI believes every missing child is at-risk (endangered??). We treat all cases of missing children with the same urgency and pride ourselves in how quickly we are able to react. Here’s what the family had to say in their own words:

“Thank you so much for your call to dispatch. It must have prompted extra attention to the case because we FINALLY have a deputy assigned. Before your call to them, the police department hadn't even assigned a deputy to her case despite daily phone calls from family members. We called NCMEC but are awaiting a follow up call from a case worker so she is not completely entered into their system. The attention you helped draw to this case, in conjunction with the realization that your agency was doing more than they were incited more police attention. Thanks again!” - [Stepmother]

“And Child Quest is badass please friend that page they helped us more than anyone can understand.” - [Father] (We love his enthusiasm for us!)

“I have never been a huge fan of Facebook, but I actually found a good use for it. Child Quest International was instrumental in finding my daughter and getting cops involved. I will stay on Facebook just to spread their messages. Thank you Child Quest.” - [Father]

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