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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips

Have a SAFE & HAPPY Halloween with these SAFETY TIPS!
Another important Halloween Safety Tip: On average, twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking on Halloween as compared with other days of the year. The risk of a child being hit by a car is roughly four times higher on Halloween as any other night. Children (and Teens!) have scattered attention spans on this night due to all of the excitement. They need to be reminded about crossing the road safely and be sure to have some kind of reflective lighting and flash light with them if they are participating after dark!  
Be Safe! 
Click on the poster to print copies for your family & community.


  1. Guardians should consider contacting health and safety advisors too. It's always good to be sure that their child is safe.

  2. During these times when our kids are always away attending parties, make sure they are not prone to too much noise as it can cause considerable noise annoyance including stress and sleep deprivation. Early noise risk assessment should be done in the place where you're going to make sure you are not prone to such instances.