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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Study: Online Predators, Victims, & Myths

We've all seen the Dateline series: To Catch A Predator.  So, the fact that predators lurk online to prey on young children and teenagers is nothing new to you.  The reality is that allowing kids to go online without supervision or ground rules is like allowing them to explore a major metropolitan area by themselves. Probably not the best idea, right?  The Internet, like a city, offers an enormous array of entertainment and educational resources but also presents some potential risks.  One of the greatest potential risks, in addition to bullying and exposure to inappropriate material, is child predators.

There are many myths about how predators operate.  For instance, did you know that most predators don't pretend to be teens to lure their victims?  This new study from the University of New Hampshire and Internet Solutions For Kids, Inc. will help you separate fact from fiction.

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  1. looking for some more information about about predators and how they operated?