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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Kids Are Safe Kids - Child Safety Resources, Services, & Training

Child Quest believes that education is an essential element in keeping our youth safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, pre-teens, and parents is the foundation for our goal to stop child victimization. We incorporate a number of nationally recognized safety education programs to effectively reach all audiences and age groups. The idea behind our safety programs is to provide effective prevention education in an engaging, non-threatening environment. If you would like more information on resources or child safety presentations please call us at 1-888-818-HOPE or email at us so we can provide you with the resources to help keep your family safe.

$hamrock $howcase: Thank You!

Thank you to San Jose State University’s Kappa Delta Sorority for hosting the annual Shamrock Showcase to support Child Quest and fight child victimization and abuse. Shamrock Showcase 2011 was a HUGE success! Congrats to all the winners, especially Alpha Kappa Omega who took home first place. Special thanks to sisters Chelsea Fields and LeAnn Carrillo for all their planning and hard work! Last year the Kappa Delta’s raised over $10,000 for Child Quest. Kappa Delta’s are Keeping Hope Alive!

TOLL FREE Emergency Hotline 1-888-818-HOPE

Child Quest International's (CQI) 24 hour toll-free emergency phone number 1-888-818-HOPE that was put in place to assist law enforcement with thousands of tips when Jaycee Dugard went missing in 1991 is still very active today. Because it is listed as a resource in the emergency section of almost every phonebook in the US, CQI receives many calls before other national missing children organizations. One of the tips we recently received and passed on to law enforcement helped them successfully locate a missing girl in Southern California. CQI also receives and refers thousands of callers seeking assistance for child abuse and sexual exploitation on our toll-free emergency number.

Missing Children: Success

While it is common for Child Quest International (CQI) to see a spike in parental abductions and runaways after the winter holidays (along with a couple of suspicious circumstances cases), we have been busier than ever this year. We saw a 20% surge in our missing children intake reports for the first quarter of 2011 as compared to 2010.

All of the missing children cases we’ve assisted families and law enforcement with since the beginning of this year have been successfully resolved. Understanding that time is critical when a child goes missing, CQI jumps into action very quickly. The safe return of several children this year was because of our rapid poster distributions through our in-house Critical Reach electronic alert system and to our Facebook network of caring individuals. Due to this technology and our collaboration with other investigative resources, we have assisted in the recovery of ten children this year. Some of these children may still be missing if it weren’t for the interdepartmental cooperation of CQI, law enforcement agencies, and Missing Children State Clearinghouses.