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Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing Children Project: You Can Help Make A Difference


Law enforcement officials identified pictures as the single most important tool in the search for a missing child. Statistics prove that 1 of 6 children featured in a photo campaign is found as a direct result of the photo. The public plays a tremendously important role in the search for missing children, and photographs are the critical link between the public and law enforcement.

TSM Advertising "Missing Children Project" works with Child Quest International (CQI) to locate missing children by showing their images on commercial screens. TSM and CQI have also developed a series of radio commercials designed to educate families about preventing child abductions both on and offline.

The objective of TSM’s and CQI's missing children TV project is to locate missing children by showing their images on commercial screens throughout the United States, thus providing thousands of people with the information necessary to help Child Quest International bring missingchildren home. 

As part of this program, TSM and CQI are looking for U.S. businesses who care and who would like to help us get our message out. By creating partnerships with caring businesses, our project goal is to create a large scale platform to increase missing children awareness by allowing images to be shown on commercial screens. Thus, developing an awareness program designed to deliver those images and vital information about missing children to the general public during commercial advertising time periods. The video commercial announcements may be shown during specific television programming (i.e. CNN Headline News), on retail screens in various locations (i.e. restaurants, supermarkets and malls), in movie theaters, at sporting events and so forth.

When you partner with TSM & CQI with a radio or TV Cause Marketing campaign you get:

  • Advertising that cuts through the media clutter
  • To make a positive impact in your community 
  • To build positive public relations/branding
  • Additional marketing opportunities online
  • Improved customer relations 
  • Improved business

Please contact to find out how you can help protect kids and reunite loved ones while helping your business at the same time.

Additonally, If you are looking for extra income and would like to be able to work a couple hours a day from home, TSM has an opportunity for you. If selected, you will be responsible for developing relationships with clients who will provide funding for Radio and TV “Child Safety” Public Service Announcements.

You can work when you want to, anywhere in the U.S. Contact for more information.  You CAN help make a difference. 

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