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Friday, March 2, 2012

Silicon Valley ICAC Task Force: Three Arrests in Marin County Child Pornography Raids


SAN RAFAEL, CA Feb 24, 2012 - The Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force was serving warrants in Marin County Thursday, arresting three people on suspicion of downloading child pornography, police said.

A team of 75 agents and officers working for as many as 20 different city, state and federal agencies started making felony child porn arrests early Thursday morning.

"So far, we've served four warrants and made arrests at three of the locations: one in Fairfax, one in San Rafael and one in Novato," explained Margo Rohrbacher of the San Rafael Police Department.

The males arrested were a Novato teenager, 22-year-old Daniel Dinneen of Fairfax and 31-year-old Carlos Martinez, who lives in San Rafael.

"Imagine the worst of the worst. This is even worse than that," said Rohrbacher. "Infants up to pre-pubescent children, so it's just horrible."

Authorities arrested at least three men and seized computers and other evidence police said that show the men circulated videos of prepubescent children having sex with adults.

Other warrants were still outstanding for people who engaged in anonymous file sharing.

"The child pornography crime is growing in leaps and bounds," said Rohrbacher. "It grows about 150 percent a year and currently it's the fastest growing crime in the U.S."

Most neighbors in the family neighborhood where Martinez lived didn't want to speak, but two of them did. "I was pretty disgusted," said area resident Brian Todhunter. "You know, it's hard to say what people are doing behind their doors, but I was pretty surprised to find it so close to us."

"I don't know what... what to say," said neighbor Helena Silva. "I don't know. A great surprise."

20 such arrests have been made in the Bay Area in the last few months. Police said most of the accused had no criminal records.

[Source: KTVU | KCBS | ABC7]

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