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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Hope: Case From 1994 Resurfaces

Child Quest International (CQI) was recently contacted by a left-behind family. A family that has been searching for their missing loved one since 1994. With few details and lots of questions, this family is a true testament to the words we live by, Keeping Hope Alive!

Susan (not her real name) was allegedly kidnapped and concealed by her noncustodial mother in 1994.  Susan was then taken out of the country (USA) and taken into hiding, leaving a loving father and brother behind (and eventually a loving and caring sister-in-law).

At the time of her disappearance, the case was investigated by local law enforcement who learned that Susan was most likely in another country and leads eventually ran cold. While a lot of this is common in international family abduction cases, this is also where a lot of questions begin to arise for both CQI and the left-behind family.

According to the family, the case was closed in 2007, even though Susan had not been located nor reunited with her loved ones. And like most loving families, these revelations did not sit well and thus questions and lose of a child became too much to bear. They wanted answers and rightfully so.

Through some cleaver online searches, social media, and unstoppable tenacity, Susan's new sister-in-law (whom she has never met) tracked her down and established contact. SUCCESS...right? Unfortunately, this is just scratching the surface.

Through family correspondence, the family feels this is there long lost loved one, Susan.  While all involved HOPE (and feel) Susan is the long lost light girl from October 1994, there are still many unanswered questions: what happened all those years ago, where has Susan been since, where is Susan's abducting mother, why was the case closed, and most important, is this really Susan? All appropriate and understandable questions. And on top of that, Susan is now an adult, married and a citizen of another country.

As an advocate for missing children everywhere, CQI is digging deep to get the answers everyone involved deserves. Keeping hope alive is the foundation for closer, but our work is not done until we get answers and hopefully a reunification.

Child Quest International (CQI) works with left-behind families, law enforcement, and other missing and exploited children organizations in the search and recovery efforts for missing children. Child Quest never charges a fee to law enforcement or searching families. If you are searching family, please contact our TOLL-FREE hotline 1-888-818-HOPE today. 

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