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Friday, August 10, 2012

Cold Cases Heat Up!

Cases continue to come out of the past. We shared with you a case from 1994 that recently resurfaced.  We are now working with this family to get the answers they deserve as well as the closure needed to move forward under these circumstances.

That is not the only case that has become "active" again and out of "cold case" statues in recent weeks. We were recently contacted by one of the children we help search for. While parental abductions can have many varying outcomes, we are happy to share this is one of the better outcomes.... with a snag.  We are helping the family reunite and find closure to the case so the girl (now an adult) can have her father (who concealed her 1995) walk her down the aisle at her wedding, where her left behind mother (at that time) will be in attendance. Talk about reunification at it's finest! We are honored to say that this is one of the many things we are here for, to help the missing and their families.

Recovery and reunification is a long road with many twist and turns, but often a necessary (and the only) path none the less. Due to the lengthy and complicated process some of missing cases can become, we encourage families of the missing to work with reputable organizations such as CQI or other Association of Missing & Exploited Children's Organizations (AMECO). We have the training, and longevity, to be here many years from now when these families may still need assistance or have new issues they face.

We've said it before, and now we say it again... Child Quest International (CQI) works with left-behind families, law enforcement, and other missing and exploited children organizations in the search and recovery efforts for missing children. Child Quest International NEVER CHARGES A FEE to law enforcement or searching families. If you are searching family, please contact our TOLL-FREE hotline 1-888-818-HOPE today.

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