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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor of Love: 5 Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend with Your Family

For many, Labor Day is a three-day vacation from work, but as parents, we don’t necessarily get a day off. Even if Labor Day doesn’t mean a break from your day job, you can still celebrate this symbolic end of summer.

Take advantage of the extra time with your family this weekend with some of these fun Labor Day weekend ideas:
  1. Attend a Festival - In many towns and cities, Labor Day weekend brings festivals, air shows and other fun outdoor activities. Check your local paper to see what kind of family activities are coming to your area. When you’re there, make sure to stick together by taking along your Amber Alert GPS trackers for kids.
  2. Cook together - Teach kids the sweet rewards of hard work by prepping one of their favorite meals or creating one of their favorite desserts together.
  3. Play a Game - Board games like “Life” and “Monopoly” are fun and embrace some of the themes of Labor Day. While you play, consider talking to your kids about what job they’d like to have when they grow up and the saving money.
  4. Craft an Occupation - Artistic little ones might appreciate the opportunity to create a Labor Day craft. Put a Labor Day spin on the classic sock or paper bag puppet by picking an occupation for your sock puppets and dressing them accordingly.
  5.  Take a Trip - An extra day means some extra time to get away. Consider spending one last weekend at the beach, exploring a local state park or visiting extended family. No matter where you go, you’ll be making memories together!
How does your family celebrate Labor Day weekend together? Leave a comment on our Facebook page to tell us about your family’s Labor Day weekend tradition! 
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