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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can You Help With Office Space?

Located in the Silicon Valley (CA)? Like supporting the community? Like protecting children? Like tax write offs?
Do you have spare office space? Well then, contact CQI as we are looking to relocate in the Santa Clara Valley AKA Silicon Valley. Ideally, we would love to be with other NPO's, children services, or law enforcement agencies. But we're not really that picky. We would be happy just about anywhere! 
Feel free to contact us at 408-287-4673 if you have properties that fit our criteria. Otherwise, please pass this along if you think you can help. Thank you for your support. -Child Quest International


  1. I actually know a warehouse for rent in Fort Lauderdale this location will give you both. Convenience and comfort not only to your customers but to you as well.

  2. Well, internet is the best option to search for variable type of office spaces. These are available at affordable rents and can be used for many purposes.