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Friday, December 7, 2012

Junior Flyers Club: How to Prepare Your Children for Flying Solo

If you thought it was tough to put your child on the school bus for the first time, imagine sending them on their first trip to school alone on a cross country flight. Although children probably love the idea of being “grown up” enough to travel by themselves, it is only natural for a parent to be a worrywart; after all that’s part of the job.

If your child will be attending school out of town on a regular basis, there is no doubt that it will be a big change for everyone in the beginning. And though there may be some times that your child will be a bit homesick and you as a parent will doubt your choice to have your child so far away from you, the benefits of attending a private or boarding school in another area provide a solid structure and educational background that can prove priceless for their future. suggests that boarding schools can help teach your child to be responsible and learn life lessons. In addition, they will be offered some of the best academic opportunities, with small classes, top-notch teachers, well-stocked media centers and libraries, and be surrounded by exceptional arts and sports programs.

Peace of Mind

If your child will be away from home for extended periods of time at school, it is a good idea to have an identity protection service, such as Lifelock, in place. Knowing that your child’s identity and personal information is secure with a security service can give you peace of mind knowing your child securely is protected from identity theft while away from home. A company like Lifelock will protect your child's information at home or away.

For your child to take advantage of these educational opportunities, it is often necessary for them to travel to school, which sometimes means they will need to travel alone. The children often adapt better to their solo travel than the parents do. Fox News ran down some tips for parents of children traveling alone to help make sure your child is safe and your worries are eased.

Constant Contact

If possible, equip your child with a cell phone for use during their solo travel. It is also a good idea to prepare them with a backup plan of a calling card and also the knowledge of how to make collect calls, in case there is an issue with the cell phone. When they get to their school and housing, setting up instant messaging or Skype will definitely keep you in contact as they study away from home.

Contact and Flight Information

It is imperative that your child has a list with all of the flight and contact information pertinent for the trip. This should include name, phone number and address for whoever is picking them up when they land, as well as their flight number, destination, and your contact information. Make sure the children know their flight information, itinerary, and contact info of the person they will be meeting when they reach their final destination.

Flight Selection

Early morning flights are the best for children traveling alone, as they are typically not delayed. In addition, direct flights make the most sense because this ensures no issues with connections or delays.
Allowing your child to fly solo requires a lot of faith in your child and the airlines, but with a little planning and using some helpful tips, you and your child should be able to properly navigate the solo travel situation in no time. Keeping stress low is key for both you and your child.

Safe Travels & Happy Holidays!

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