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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kappa Delta's Shamrock Showcase Raises Money for Charity

Kappa Delta hosted its 15th annual Shamrock Showcase on Friday night in the Morris Dailey Auditorium, where proceeds went to two charity organizations — Child Quest International and Prevent Child Abuse America.

A total of 17 Greek houses, fraternities and sororities performed in several events showcasing the talent of the houses in a lip sync and dance competition and later in an improv lip sync and dance event.

"Each Greek organization hosts a philanthropy (event) to raise money for their charity of choice," said Ramina Yadegar, president of Kappa Delta and a junior liberal studies major.

Yadegar added that Kappa Delta works with Prevent Child Abuse America regularly.

"(Prevent Child Abuse America) instills confidence in the youth of our country which eventually will help build confident adults of our nation," Yadegar said. "So by instilling confidence in those who aren't confident we are able to come together and ultimately help one another out and do something that (builds) confidence in each other."

The evening began with the two hosts from Kappa Delta welcoming the Greek houses that were present, followed by a video showing the recent history of the houses, until the first of the two major events, the lip sync and dance competition, began.

The Alpha Phi sorority took first place in the dance competition and won Shamrock Showcase as a whole.
Junior marketing major Corinne Dickey performed on-stage with several members of her sorority, Delta Gamma, and said the lip syncing event was her favorite part.

“We’ve been working for a month on this dance and we’ve (worked) real hard on preparing and everything,” Dickey said. “(The charity) is great for everybody, because even if they can’t directly relate to it, they can know where it’s coming from. It’s a great cause.”

Dickey added that she thinks Kappa Delta put on a great event.

“(Kappa Delta) always (does well) every year so they pulled it off once again,” she said.

After a brief intermission another video was shown detailing the charity the proceeds of the event would be going to, followed by the improve lip sync and dance competition, where members of the houses came up and performed while the music was playing.

Nick Olsen, a sophomore finance major who is pledging for Kappa Sigma, performed for his house.

“It’s awesome, I didn’t think it was going to be this big,” Olsen said. “It went a lot longer than I thought and there were a lot more performances than I thought. (The houses) spent a lot of time on it and all the videos were really good.”

Olsen said his favorite part was when the president of the house dressed up as a girl and came out on stage.

“Our dance was a combination of three different singers," Olsen said, "Our president choreographed it and me and one other pledge were in it, the rest were actives."

Senior business major Darrel Lee of Alpha Kappa Psi participated in his house's performance.

“(Our performance) was fun,” Lee said. “It’s a great opportunity to show off our fraternity’s pride and what we can do. Everyone is getting along, it’s one of the best times that everyone can get together and actually do something together.”

After the final competition was a raffle with two grand prizes: a 250GB XBOX 360 with Kinect, and the mystery grand prize, which was revealed to be an iPad.

After the raffle the awards ceremony was held where each house could vote for one other house’s performance.

Beta Theta Pi won second place in the dance competition and Delta Sigma Phi won third place. Kappa Sigma won most comedic and Delta Gamma won most spirited.

Delta Sigma Pi won Kappa Delta favorite and the Greek favorite was Alpha Phi with Alpha Kappa Omicron winning most original.

Child Quest International is the local recipient of the money raised from the Shamrock Showcase and receives 80 percent of the profit from the event. The charity is dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing, abused and exploited children, according to the event's website.

Prevent Child Abuse America is the national recipient of the money raised by the event and receives 20 percent of the money raised. The charity has led the way in building awareness, providing education, and inspiring hope to everyone involved in the effort to prevent the abuse and neglect of America's children, according to the event's program.

Child Quest International is honored to be the local recipient of the SJSU Kappa Delta Shamrock Showcase charity event.  The funds raised from this event will be used in the local community to help protect kids from abuse and abduction.

Thank you, Kappa Delta, for joining us in Keeping Hope Alive!