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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Attempted Kidnapping of 13 Year Old Girl on 1/18/2013 - San Jose, CA

The San Jose Police Department is asking for
the public's help in locating this suspect in
connection with an attempted abduction.
The San Jose Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating a suspect they say was involved in the attempted kidnapping of a 13 year old girl late last week. 

The incident happened Friday morning as the girl was walking to school. It was dark outside, but a neighbor's night vision cameras captured it. 

Around 6:10 a.m., a 13-year-old girl was walking along the sidewalk in the area of E. St. James Street and N. 33rd Street in San Jose when a man approached her and dragged her into a residential driveway, according to police. 

"I’m sure it was a frightening situation for her," San Jose Police Officer Albert Morales said. "She fought back valiantly and was able to escape the perpetrator." 

A nearby surveillance camera captured the young girl running away. Frank Tavares, who lives across the street, showed the video to NBC Bay Area Wednesday afternoon. In the video you see a blurry image of the girl walking behind an SUV and stopping. There is a vague motion of a struggle followed by the girl running down the sidewalk. The entire event lasts less than 30 seconds. 

The victim told police she screamed and fought back hard enough that the man released her and was last seen running eastbound on E. St. James Street towards N. King Road. 

Neighbor Ana Alves said she saw the girl running and screaming.

 "And I opened the door and that's when I saw a little girl running to the right side," Alves said. "And there was this big tall skinny guy run towards the left side." 

And it was hard to see. But it was clear something had happened to the young girl. 

"I even asked her honey are you okay?" Alves said. "She was so paranoid and she was just running. She didn't hear me talking to her." 

Neighbors say the teenager always walks down E. Saint James Street to meet a friend to walk to a nearby middle school. Police say the suspect approached her and dragged her into a driveway. 

The girl helped police put together a sketch of the suspect described to be a 25 to 35-year-old Latino male. He's about 5'10" with a thin to medium build, black hair, brown eyes, a mustache and spoke english. He was also wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt with blue "Dickies" pants and brown shoes with white paint on them. Police released a sketch of the man Wednesday (above). 

If you have information on the crime, police are asking you call Detective Enrique Garcia of the San Jose Police Department's Robbery Unit at (408)277-4166. Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call Silicon Valley Crimestoppers at (408)947-STOP (7867) or may visit and may be eligible for a cash reward. 


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  1. As a mom, these are the things that I fear the most. That's why I always tell them to be cautious and not talk to strangers in public and never open the door to our house unless they are sure who is it. I've also added security tools like cameras and alarms in our home.