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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Missing Child’s Age Progression Photo Released On Fleet Of Trucks

Kyron's photo is shown age[progressed to
9 years old. Courtesy of NCMEC.

(PACIFIC, WA) -- On Monday the Washington State Patrol (WSP) in partnership with the Gordon Trucking Company and IMagic threw a spotlight on the Homeward Bound Program for missing children by adding an “age progressed photograph” of a missing child to the fleet of Gordon Trucking Company trucks that include posters of missing children from Washington and Oregon.

The face of the age progressed child is that of missing Kyron Horman, then 7-years old when he vanished nearly three years ago from a Portland school where his stepmother says she dropped him off.

The age progressed photo shows what Kyron would look like now.

Kyron's father, Kane Horman, was at the event Monday at the trucking company yard in Pacific where the photo was released.

No arrests have been made in Kyron's disappearance. His mother, Desiree Young, of Medford, is suing Kyron’s stepmother, Terri Horman, seeking a court order to force her to say what happened to him.

Anyone with information on Kyron's whereabouts should contact Multnomah County Sheriff's Office at 1-503-823-3333.

The Homeward Bound program, created in 2005 in a partnership between the WSP (led by Trooper Renee Padgett) and Gordon Trucking, has assisted in the recovery of six missing children.

Children currently in the Homeward Bound Program are:

Agueda Arias, missing since November 2001, 2 years old
Lindsey Baum, missing since June 2009, 10 years old
Misty Copsey, missing since September 1992, 13 years old
Kayla Croft-Payne, missing since April 2010, 15 years old

Ronald Frye, missing since September 1993, 15 years old
Richard (Cody) Haynes, missing since September 2004, 11 years old
Bryce Herda, missing since April 1995, 6 years old
Tyler Inman, missing since October 1982, 3 years old

Lenoria Jones, missing since July 1995, 3 years old
Sofia Juarez, missing since February 2003, 5 years old
Teekah Lewis, missing since January 1999, 2 years old
Katya Lyne, missing since March 1997, 15 years old

Loukthayoth Phiangdae, missing since February 1996, 11 years old
Joseph Pichler, missing since January 2006, 18 years old
Jasmine Sajedi, missing since July 2004, 2 years old
Shelby Wright, missing since July 2004, 14 years old

There are also two posters on Gordon Trucking trailers that are “In Memory” of victims Zina Linnik and Adre’anna Jackson.

For more information on Missing Children, please visit the Child Quest International website at

Editor: Anthony Gonzalez for Child Quest International.


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