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Friday, April 19, 2013

Case Update: Relatives Say They Think Decomposed Body is Missing Teen

One day four years ago, Steven Humphrey told his grandmother, Dorothy Essman, and his older sister, Jessica Humphrey, he was headed up Dearing Avenue to the store. It was a short walk he had taken many times before in the southeast Fresno neighborhood near Chestnut and Tulare avenues.

Steven Humphrey - Child Quest International
That would be the last time either of them would see fifteen year-old Steven who they fondly remember as a “carefree” kid who liked to skateboard, ride bicycles, play baseball and help the elderly.  

Steven Humphrey has not been seen since that day on January 26, 2009.

On Wednesday, Essman, 80, and Humphrey, 21, said they think that the decomposed body dug up in a neighbor's back yard at 235 S. Dearing Ave. is Steven's. Although police told them not to talk about it, family members say he was murdered.

Fresno County Coroner's Office lists the death of the recovered body as a homicide, but said it's unclear whether the body is that of a male or female. Coroner Dr. David Hadden said, "the identity is pending DNA and dental record analysis."

Police weren't saying much, other than they received a tip last week that a body might be buried at the Dearing Avenue home. Armed with a search warrant, police began digging about 8 a.m. Tuesday. They moved 20 tons of dirt before finding the body.

"It's been four long years," Essman said while standing outside her home on Huntington Boulevard -- about a block from where she said her grandson's body was discovered.

While it is still undetermined by the medical examiner if this is indeed Stevens remains, Steven’s family has long awaited answers. And even though nothing will ever replace Steven, we hope these answers can help begin the healing process for his loved ones. 
- Keeping Hope Alive


If the body dug up in a Dearing Avenue backyard is Steven Humphrey's, his family will need help burying him. For details, call his grandmother, Dorothy Essman, at (559) 251-5706. 

Written and Edited by Anthony Gonzalez for Child Quest International

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  1. I hope this brings a little bit of closure for David and Sheila. Stevens parents. This was a senseless murder. I hope Mr. Ricardo Rosas gets the death penalty, but thats too good for him. I think he should get tortured for (24) hours and break his arms and legs just as he did to steven before eventually stabbing and killing him. Mr. Rosas mother is just as guilty as her son, she helped clean up the crime scene four years ago. She is going to try and claim she was afraid of her son, and that is why she never came forward to the police. That is no excuse! She should have called the police regardless of it being her son. If It were my son that committed a murder, I would turn him in. This doesnt mean that I dont love him, it means that I know its the right thing to do. I hope I raised my boys better than she did her son. They are animals all of them.