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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Partnership Will 'Bring Child Safety To A New Level Of Awareness'

On National Missing Children's Day, recognized nationally every May 25th, parents, guardians, caregivers, and others concerned with the well-being of children are reminded to make child safety a priority and to encourage the public to sustain initiatives and efforts to reunite missing children with their families. It is the day when we honor the outstanding efforts of law enforcement personnel and private citizens who have made a difference in recovering abducted children and protecting children from exploitation.

It is also a day to take action to ensure your child’s safety and family’s well-being. In support of this ongoing endeavor we all share in, Child Quest International is proud to announce our partnership with If I Go Missing to bring child safety to a new level of awareness. This alliance brings the amazing resources of Child Quest International (CQI) together with the security of If I Go Missing (IIGM), forging a team that will make a difference.

At CQI, we pride ourselves on “Keeping Hope Alive” for all missing children and the left-behind families. We work diligently with both families and law enforcement alike to locate missing children using various investigation techniques focused on information dissemination and case management. Our services are free, and have contributed to over 3000 recoveries.

Through our partnership with IIGM, CQI will continue to be able to provide industry leading services for free to searching families and law enforcement. 

What is IIGM? is a proactive approach to protecting loved ones, providing users with a secure interface to store important identification and technological information. Once a missing person report is filed, the information gets transmitted to the police immediately.

“We are convinced that through education, awareness and use of the most high tech tools available, the chances of facing this type of tragedy can be almost completely eliminated. Peace of mind for your family and loved ones is priceless, but it does require your involvement,” according to Jeremy Reynolds, CEO IIGM.

With prevention and safety education being one of our main priorities at CQI, we believe we can really make things happen and teach families the importance of being proactive through this joint effort.

While nothing will ever replace open communications and teaching your child what to do in dangerous situations, no one can predict or prevent all possibilities of a potential abduction or other emergencies.

Now, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably asking yourself what sets IIGM apart from other online data storage vaults? 

Why IIGM? 

Firstly, IIGM is specifically engineered towards missing people.  That means the fields are laid out for you.  Many online vaults are simply places to store things.  IIGM has a prepared template telling users what the important info is in the event of a missing persons emergency.  Each field is labeled and has an explanation as to why it is important.  This is not a simple storage vault.  There are free text areas and areas to attach supplemental data.  Also, the info is stored in a Tier 1 data center.  Very secure.

Secondly, there are “social insurance” policies involved in the event of a missing persons emergency.  IIGM will provide PI assistance, Media assistance, and counseling assistance in the event of a missing persons emergency.

Thirdly, because it is specifically engineered towards missing people, there are “reporters.”  Reporters are appointed by you, the user, and are able to file a missing persons report on your behalf.  The account holder can identify up to 4 reporters.  Normal online vaults do no good if the whole family goes missing, or if the kids are at the grandparents’ house while the parents are on a cruise and unreachable.  The reporters have no access to the information, but can initiate a transfer to the police nonetheless. 

Finally, IIGM provides the transfer of info to the police.  That means the parents don’t have to run home to their computer to get the info stored on their computer and print everything out.  Once a missing persons report is filed with IIGM, we contact the police and transmit the data.

While that is a lot of tech talk, the point is very important. IIGM is more than a simple online storage server. It is a potential lifeline that goes above and beyond to ensure your family’s safety.

In support of Missing Children’s Day and CQI, IIGM has discounted their premium protection plan (33% OFF for limited time) AND will donate 25% of your purchase price to CQI recovery efforts and education programs. 


Did you know CQI staff is available to make presentations in the Silicon Valley (CA)? Our subject matter experts will present to schools, parent groups, companies, civic and non-profit groups, profession and faith-based organizations about Online and Personal Safety. Contact us at with the subject line “PRESENTATION"   

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