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Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Things Parents Should Know About Filtering & Monitoring Software

Parental control software is a valuable tool for controlling the amount of time your children spend on the computer and the programs they’re using as well as the sites they visit. For some parents, it may even be necessary to use these controls on mobile devices. Because as we all know, kids do not only access the internet via computer anymore. Today we take a look at five things you should know about filtering and monitoring software.
  1. Some parents want to block pornography, some want to monitor Facebook, and some want to track their child's every move with GPS-enabled smartphones. This article discusses the different ways parents are using software to keep an eye on their kids.
  2. The number of filtering and monitoring software programs available might make your head spin. Check out this search tool from GetNetWise to narrow down your options.
  3. Your child's smartphone is essentially a small computer. This article outlines the parental control options offered by major cell phone service providers.
  4. Although software can help keep an eye on your kids, technology can't solve every problem. Watch NetSmartz parents' presentation to learn about the issues and how to talk to your kids about their Internet use.
  5. Schools utilizing filtering software may think their work is done, but students can easily find online tutorials to get around them. Stay one step ahead with these tips to prevent students from bypassing your filters.

“We know that filtering software is just one instrument in our toolkit to protect students from harmful material online. Our annual Internet safety program educates students about safe and appropriate online behavior. Teachers also realize that 'the filter' is no substitute for proper supervision of students' in-school digital activities and that vendor-provided whitelists and blacklists are not set in stone. We frequently review and revise these lists to ensure students have access to valuable content online." -Ken Quisenberry, Director of Technology, South Bay Union School District (San Diego County, CA)

Source: NetSmartz
Infograph: Kaspersky Lab 
Written & Edited by Anthony Gonzalez for Child Quest International

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