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Monday, January 6, 2014

Safety Tip Tuesdays #CQISTT

When a child is abused or goes missing, the impact on children & families is emotional, physical, psychological, and devastating. In some cases, it is even fatal. That is why CQI started "Safety Tip Tuesday" (#CQISTT on your social networks). The idea is to share tips* that protect your children from kidnapping, abuse and exploitation. Like any good network, the more who sign up to donate (share) tweets, the more people these tips reach, and in turn, more children will be kept safe from such atrocious crimes that have become all too common. 

Sign-up here ( to share #CQISTT information with friends, families, students, schools, social groups, social networks and any other place you can think of. The more we share, the safer kids are! #CQISTT starts 01/07/2014!

*In addition to #CQISTT, donated tweets will also be used to share flyers of missing children and AMBER Alerts

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